Useful Tools

We know that playing the guitar is not just some easy business that you can take for granted. We are well aware of how much time one needs in order to familiarize themselves with it.

Because of this, we are providing you with some of the most popular tools on the internet that will help you get better at playing the guitar. Consult the list that has been provided below:

Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords

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Ultimate Guitar has actually been in the business for quite a long time. We could still remember the time when they only provided their audience with chords and tabs that they can play.

This is actually still good because there’s something you can get out of it. However, the current version is much more helpful.

With Ultimate Guitar trying to cope with the demanding changes brought about by technology, they are now accessible even in mobile devices through the use of applications.

The best thing about this is that they also provide tutorials but with a stated cost. So far, this website asks for the cheapest amount.

Guitar Tricks

Unlike Ultimate Guitar, this one mostly focuses on helping their market by playing the guitar. However, the biggest downside of this application is the cost that you need to pay just to enjoy this privilege. They have free stuff but most of what’s good is up for payment.

As with other websites which promotes membership and registration, you can join in for a month but there will be discounts that you can available if your purchase it annually, sometimes, quarterly.


post B Metronome - Useful Tools

If we stick by definition, a metronome is a device which is used by musicians which marks time at a specified rate through giving off regular ticks. Now, B’Metronome functions exactly the same but with a better feature.

This device can now be brought with you wherever you go since this is a mobile app that you can install in your device.

Pano Tuner

post Pano Tune - Useful Tools

You can never escape the possibility of your guitar going out of tune once you constantly play it. This is why you need to have a tuner ready whenever you need it. Handling the real thing would be very bothersome which is why Pano Tuner, a mobile application tuner which could tell whether the key of a string is off or not, should be installed on your phone.

These applications mentioned just serve as starters for people who would love to play the guitar. Stay tuned for more information and updates that we’ll be providing in the near future.