How Music Played from Apps Affect Your Life

More than pleasing our ears, music has also affected something deep within us. Have you ever noticed how one single song could alter our mood? For example, listening to a sad song brings you back to a nostalgic past; or, a lively song that just lifts your mood up. The contribution of music in our lives is limitless.

For performers like us, whenever we get to play the guitar in front of people, there’s a different joy that sparks within us. The fact that people sing to the songs that you’re playing, swinging their heads back and forth, that’s something that money can’t really buy.

But, do you know how music can affect both the listener and the performer?

Creates Bond

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Speaking from personal experience, we could clearly remember how many friends we made just because we share the same taste in music. You see, when you share this aspect, more than having something to talk about, you could also let them in on how it made you feel and then you can discuss it.

To be honest, most of the closest friends we have to share the same music like ours. Maybe it’s because of the fact that through the kind of music you share, you will be able to understand more of each other without actually talking.

Sets a Mood

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One example that you could look at to be able to understand this is with the use of music through meditating. When you meditate, you need your surroundings to be as calm and serene as possible.

Adding calming music to it, boosts the mood of the scenario, thus, making it more effective.

Improves Critical Thinking Skills

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Regardless of your ability to play or not, as long as you are inclined to music, your brain activity will be boosted through music. Just like how you retain information through reading, people also analyze melodies that they hear and decipher arrangements they’re working at.

Creating Memories

We’ve introduced earlier in this article as to how music can trigger certain emotions within us just by listening to music. The reason behind that is the fact that you have created a memory within that song.

Which is why whenever you hear it, a part of you gets excited, happy, or sad, depending on what you’ve associated it with.

You know, when you play for people, it will be heart-felt when you do a song that is close to your heart because the emotion will be there. So, next time that you use apps for guitar players in order to look for a song, you might reference what you really like so that you’ll have a great set.

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