4 Grounds that Link Songs from Apps for Guitarists as Trash Music

First of all, we want you to understand that each and every one of us has their own taste of music. What you like may not be what we like and vice versa. But does that really mean that their taste is worse than yours or is it the other way around?

The problem with people nowadays is that they are so entitled especially when standing up to what they believe in. This is wrong in so many ways because you don’t have to invalidate someone just because their opinions and likes does not conform to yours.

Anyway, here are some of the reasons why the term trash music is being used by people to associate songs from apps by guitar players as trash:

Differences in End-Goal

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Today, people mostly fight to get money rather than to produce music with substance. Most of the time, they would just put in some beats, add words, and the find a popular artist to sing it for them, and that’s it.

Again, we won’t judge if that’s what you like but the point here is when profit-oriented music is directed towards people who want to have the art, they would probably call it trash because it is not of their liking.

Human Nature

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Sometimes, people judge too easily just like with what they think about pop punk. They will call music, trash without even going into details, they won’t even listen to it. Another factor that falls under human nature is riding on a bandwagon.

Just because people say it is trash shouldn’t mean that you have to feel the same way too.


Have you ever heard your mom question you of the type of music that you listen to? Well, that’s a very common scenario because our parents lived in a different generation from us. The music that they grew up in is not the same as what it is now. The unfamiliarity of such kind of music drives people to identify the other as trash music.

Emotional Triggers

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As much as we do not want to discriminate, we also would like to keep our facts real when we serve them to you. Music these days are full of racist remarks, gender-biases, and curse words.

For someone who does not condone these kinds of thing, they would surely be upset with it, thus, leading them to call it as trash music.

Now, when you use apps for guitar players in finding a piece of music to play, make sure that you know your audience. This way, you will be able to avoid getting them upset and calling your chosen music trash, and at the same time save face and deliver a good performance.

And so, for a tip of advice, always research who you’re playing for and find music that they commonly like. Don’t go into battle without getting your ammunition ready, or in this case, having your music ready.

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